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NCJWC is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the lives of individuals within our own community and in the broader multi-cultural community through education, service and social action. The Passover Food Drive is its largest service project and is entirely a volunteer effort.

The Passover Food Drive began in 1983 when members of National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto Section (NCJWC-TS) observed that there were some members of their community in need of food during Passover.

With the thought that all those within our community should be able to celebrate Passover with dignity and pride, the Passover Food Drive was born. In 1983, 25 Kosher for Passover food boxes were packed and delivered. Today we deliver over 2500 boxes. Until the recent past, it was an all-inclusive community based program, which involved children and adults alike in over 500 volunteer positions.

The miracle of the Passover Food Drive is the community involvement – in the past, schools and community food donations, sponsors and financial donors all made this an inclusive community project. Passover Food Drive is the largest of its kind in Canada. We work together with social service agencies and charitable organizations to provide necessary food boxes to members of the Jewish community who would otherwise not be able to celebrate Passover.

Monetary donations are vital to the Passover Food Drive. It would not be possible without the generous support of our corporate partners and individual financial donors in our community. The cost of Kosher for Passover Food is prohibitive and 90% of the food is purchased at wholesale prices.

Every box is packed with love, care and consideration. Every box is packed with the same items.

In the past, food donations are made through school collections and at various food drop-off locations around the GTA. This food was then collected by volunteers and brought to the Food Drive headquarters where the food was sorted, packed and then delivered.

The cost of Kosher for Passover food is prohibitive for individuals living in poverty. It is estimated that over 10,000 individual meals can be made from the Passover Food boxes. Social service agencies and charitable organizations in the GTA refer people who have inadequate financial resources and wish to be included in this project.

The challenge is to meet the needs of the financially disadvantaged in our community. This may include someone who is: ill, senior, a newcomer to Toronto, recently divorced/widowed, unemployed – all with limited financial resources.

All recipients are referred to the program. If there is someone you would like to include, please speak to your social services representative or community organization.

In the past, the Passover Food Drive, with the help of the many volunteers, and the community at large, would deliver the food boxes within the GTA. Volunteer drivers were given boxes to deliver on a specific route.

Passover Food Drive’s head office is National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto Section, often referred to as Council House, is located at 1-890 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto.

The Passover Food Drive is planned a year in advance.

The Passover Food Drive is volunteer based. In the past volunteers were needed to pack, sort, pickup from drop off locations and drivers to deliver the food boxes.